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We’re Changing the World.




Removing corruption




from the top down.







Under the Genius of Chief Judge Grantor Lamont-Durrell Belton sui juris ´AT LAW´ every legal avenue the corrupt would usually hide has now been blocked and disabled. Every bank, every corporation, every Government is bankrupt and therefore trading illegally.  

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Geneva convention, 1930 - 

Under UCc the world was allowed to operate under bankruptcy for a short time. UCc-1 common law, natural law is the supreme law of planet earth and all continents. Since this convention all legislations, policies and regulations are under suspension, Null and Void.

Times up
. . . . .

Chief Judge Grantor

Lamont-Durrell Belton

sui juris ¨AT LAW¨ 



Amir of UCc-1, Founder and Chief Judge of the only two dejure on record courts in the American Republica. Sovereign IGO, Grantor, Creditor and one of the founders of the World Martial Authority, Copper Toned Division. He is the holder of the Great Seal Perserverando and Pacta Sunt Serveranda, he is also a Seminole Priest.

Honorable Lee Clegg

Global Commander of World Martial Authority

´Copper Toned´ Division



Extensive military and special forces background working with various agencies globally. Over 46 operations worldwide and has served frontline in every war between 1987 and 2007. Sovereign IGO with the House of Crowns and with the WMA being under the Sovereign IGO special agency to the United Nations. Now founder and Sovereign IGO of AlterNations bonded under UCc-1 019073.

Now, is the time for change . . . .

This monumental union of these most moral of entities has brought a light to the end of the tunnel.

Unsurprisingly their following is immense, drawing in judges, sovereigns and law enforcers by the droves and thousands upon thousands of military personnel from all over the world. All preparing themselves. They are both serving and veterans, the majority of which are elite special forces. There is no corner of the world that our brave Martials are not waiting for the nod.

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We The People are exactly who the World Martial Authority are and we will never give up on this mission for freedom for all humanity. We are no ones debt and no one will ever own another child again. We are Sovereign entities and we will make sure every man, woman and child is too.             us and make this world a safe place for our children and grandchildren for generations to come. 

Be under no illusion, we are the highest law enforcement authority globally and nothing will stand in our path of righteousness! 

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