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This site is very much in the building process, we will be updating all contact details within the next week. Until then Have a look at our Parent site and Sibling sites. 

UCc-1, our legal site. The most educational tool we will have. You can learn about the laws, the Judges, the ethic and so much more. It will have videos, blogs, will be fully interactive and will hold online seminars and courses.

Global Command, this is the base of all the authorities are. We will be publishing latest updates and main news from all of our Authorities. There will be Martial and Ambassador pages which they can find the latest information. It will also be a publicly interactive site in which we can ask the public advice on all areas. We do after all world for you.

AlterNations, I think many of us are finding this the most exciting of all. This will be a fully interactive site where all members of the public, businesses, projects, innovators can come together under one roof safely and securely to showcase the latest technologies and innovations in every sector. For businesses and innovators it will be a free global marketing tool, it will also be a resource to find complementing businesses. For the public it will be a breath of fresh air, it will be a phenomenal learning tool and a way to have direct contact with projects and to keep up to date with the latest innovations. For projects, businesses and innovators it will also be a way to apply for funding, the only things we ask are, no harm to life, no harm to planet(´s).

Rather self explanitory really. It will however be unlike any other health tool available online. It will be fully interactive and will be completely inclusive of all areas from ancient healing practices to the latest in surgical procedures.  We will also be running laboratories to fully test all current and future medicines, all of this data will be available to the public so you can make your own decisions with full knowledge. We believe in choice, a choice however is not a choice without full understanding. We will also be building a global healthcare system that will be free for all, whatever health choices you make. 

We are all different, this is the beauty of humanity and this is why we are gifting this resource.  

Again self explanatory. We will be bringing out the latest innovations, technologies, nutritional improvements and livestock management programs for the betterment of all life.  Again, no harm to life, no harm to planet(´s), this of course some will misinterpret when it comes to agriculture. All we ask is do not waste and  use the ethic of if a tree is felled, replant another. 

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